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GPR Bolt/Dowel Installation  
GRP bolts/dowels made by Cutabolt Pty Ltd are designed for installation with
standard boring equipment.


Drill the hole to full depth and flush clean. Insert the resin cartridge.

Cutabolt bolts/dowels should be installed with cuttable/non-corroding (e.g. plastic) bearing plates or straps. (The use of steel plates may damage the nylon thread)
Attach the bolt/dowel to the standard 36 AF tightening spanner. (In the USA, Cutabolt bolts/dowels are supplied with standard 1 1/8 inch square head nuts).
Ensure that the bolter feed beam is in line with the hole. Mis-alignment may cause the bolt to fail under torsion.
Start rotating the bolt/dowel before pushing it through the resin until the end of the hole is reached. Install the bolt in one pass, do not stop and restart rotation as this may cause the break-out nut to fail prematurely. (Do not push bolt/dowel to full depth then spin as this may damage the bearing plate and/or the nut) When the resin has cured tension the bolt/dowel by rotating the nut slowly (in short snatches with hydraulic rigs) until tight (a maximum of 90 Nm/ 66 ft lbs should be used). When using hydraulic bolters care should be taken not to over-tighten the nut.
When spinning long (>2m) bolts/dowels through the resin sufficient torsional resistance may be developed to break out the nut prematurely. In this case a blank ended steel drive nut can be used to drive the bolt/dowel through the resin and ensure a good mix. The steel nut can then be removed and the bolt/dowel tensioned with the standard nylon nut.
Procedure for RIMA only. Proceed as for all other bolt/dowels but omit procedures relating to resin anchor. The RIMA Dowel can be tensioned up immediately on installation. The hole must be drilled to full depth to minimise torsional stress and to reduce thread projection into the roadway.
Remember GRP bolts are as strong as steel bolts in tension but not in torsion. Install them with care and a light touch