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GPR Bolt/Dowel Installation  
GRP bolts/dowels made by Cutabolt Pty Ltd are designed for installation
with standard boring equipment.
Cutabolt bolts/dowels are designed for installation with both the standard range of hand held borers with 50-60 ft lbs of torque and with hydraulic bolters.
When installing bolts with machine mounted hydraulic borers, care should be taken to screw up the nut slowly and not to over feed. This will prevent damaging the thread and/or damaging the bearing plate. The hole must be drilled to full depth to prevent borer feed force over loading the nut.
A steel of the same length as the bolt/dowel in use should be used to full depth ensuring that the hole is flushed clean. Hex or round steels are available while the use of scroll steels is suggested in compressing strata.
Cutabolt standard bolts/dowels are designed to be installed in coal ribs with 27 mm (1.1/16 inch) bits. This is especially critical with RIMA Dowels. The use of oversize bits can lead to reduced loading capacity on all Cutabolt Dowels. Larger bit diameters may be used in hard rock civil applications. Smaller bit diameters e.g. 26.5 have been used successfully in friable coal.
To gain full encapsulation in a 27 mm (1.1/16 inch) diameter hole with 1.2 m (4 ft) bolts/dowels, we suggest the use of resin as follows: -
CT30T22 BOLT ---- 650mm long cartridge
DUPADOWEL ------ 720mm long cartridge
AROA DOWEL ---- 840mm long cartridge
RIMA DOWEL ----- No resin required
Resin should have at least a 30-second setting time. Medium or slow set is advantageous where setting time is not critical.